COVID-19 Update: As The World Closes, Gravy Is More Open Than Ever

A letter from Gravy CEO, Casey Graham

A letter from Gravy CEO, Casey Graham to our clients, partners and prospects:

As a friend of Gravy, we wanted to let you know exactly how we are proceeding this week at returning failed payments & customers back to your business.

In 2017, we had a board meeting & one of the big takeaways was to build Gravy as a Recession Accelerated company.

Here are a few takeaways:

  1. As The Economy Decreases, Failed Payments Increase 
  2. As The Economy Decreases, Outsourcing Increases 
  3. As Financial Fear Increases, Customer Loyalty Decreases

 We've spent 3 years preparing for this moment. 

 Our internal mantra right now is:


 As the world closes, we want to become more open. 

 Here’s what Gravy is opening wide to you...

1. Open Doors

#WeAreBuilt to work from home already.

We have been virtual from the beginning & we're 100% open & operating on your behalf at full capacity.

There will be no disruption in our service for you.

Actually, we're even hiring through this!

We were voted the 15th Best Place To Work as a virtual culture.

Here is a text from Gravy’s largest client...

covid message

If we can hop on a call & help you with virtual culture, let us know.

2. Open Hearts

You made the best choice to be with Gravy during this time because we are HUMANS talking with your customers.

During crisis, automation & canned messaging comes across as out of touch & cold.

We have had 2.5M personalized conversations with customers in the last 3 years & are ready to be empathetic with your customers.

We have found empathy & consistency builds customer loyalty more than anything.

We will win your customers back & they will love you more through the process!

3. Open Eyes

We are looking for more opportunities with your customers in three ways.

First, we have an opportunity to roll out new payment terms for anyone in hardship. We believe this is a wonderful time to explore new offers.

Secondly, we are looking to take on more opportunities from you! Let us take more off your plate. Do you have any other payment plans, products or subscriptions we can manage?

Thirdly, opportunity to hear what your customers are saying & bubble up THEIR words so you can leverage it in your marketing copy.

Because we are Recession Accelerated, we are seeing more opportunity than obstacles. We are poised to add more value to you now more than ever.

4. Open Wallets

We wanted to let you know what we are doing for our team so maybe you can use some of these ideas for your team. Our team’s response has been overwhelmingly positive.

I wrote it all here on LinkedIn, but in summary:

5 COVID-19 🦠 Benefits For Gravy Team

1. On-Call Chaplain

2. Paying One Month Of Netflix Subscription 

3. Paying for Two At Home Movies This Week

4. Giving Kids Of Gravy Family’s Amazon Shopping Spree 

5. Paying For Additional Childcare Expenses Incurred From School Closures

Because of you, we are able to be generous to our team. We believe this matters for your business because if our team is happy, your customers will be happy.

As the world closes their wallets, we will open ours to give as much as we can to the people serving your customers.

Finally, we truly see Online Learning & SaaS exploding through this crisis.

Your business can leverage this to create more momentum than ever before.

I wanted to give you my personal email address:

I’ve started, grown, & sold three companies, all which were done during or around recessions.

If you want to talk business strategy - send me a text. I’m here for you!

Let’s be more open than ever during this season.

Your friend,

Casey Graham

CEO of Gravy

PS - During this crisis, our referral program is exploding. We pay $1,000 cash for anyone you recommend that becomes a client of Gravy.

Because now is an excellent time to help a friend with a great resource, all you have to do is tell us that you want to refer some friends & we will set you up with a referral link. Email Britton Clark ( and he'll get you set up asap!


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