Keep Your Recurring Donors and Scale Your Impact

Managing customer churn can feel a lot like playing defense. Here at Gravy — Defense is our expertise. Let us do the work for you. Get back to playing offense.

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One Less Thing For Your Nonprofit to Manage.

Our tech-enabled solution allows you to focus on growing your recurring giving program, not just tread water.

How We Stack Up


Time Consuming
Full Time Salary
Redundant Work
Easily Overextended
Untrained in Best Practices

Gravy Recover™

Human Approach
Cost Effective
Brand Protection
Increase Lifetime Value
Dedicated Support
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Automation / Dunning

Low Recovery Rates
Hurts Your Brand
Lowers Credibility
Lost Revenue

Your Donors Mean Everything To You.

Your brand. Your relationships. Your voice. Our team of trained customer service experts learn your style. We represent your organization with the utmost care.

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Your Brand. Our People.

Every nonprofit knows they have a brand to protect. After all, a brand isn’t just a logo. It’s your reputation. So why use a software that doesn’t look, talk, or respond like you?

Here at Gravy —we get brand. We're relationship builders that recover revenue. With Gravy, your customers stay customers longer.

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Whatever Your Fundraising Platform, We Can Do It.

As a nonprofit, you rely on your fundraising platform. We integrate with your tech stack to ensure payment success and provide a seamless donor experience.

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