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Your Non-Profit is Creating Change for Good.

We Help Keep Your Donors Paying. For Good.

You’ve worked hard to be a force for change and betterment through your non-profit.

We work hard to make sure your reach expands by recovering revenue from recurring donor payments that fail.

All without sacrificing your time, your team, your reputation … or your impact.



Gravy’s Non-Profits

By the Numbers


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What Your Customers Could Be Saying

Meet Paul

Paul is an active, recurring donor of one of our Non-Profits. Recently, Paul went through a tragedy and was unable to make his donor payment.

Luckily, that wasn’t the end of his story — or his recurring donations.

In fact, Paul’s response (and excitement!) says it all. When it comes to your non-profit, how you handle these sensitive conversations not only affects your revenue, but your reputation, too.

Going above and beyond to serve your donors isn’t just something nice to do. To stand out from the noise and retain your recurring donors, it’s a MUST-do.

The Five WorkFlows of Revenue Recovery™
for Non-Profits

You have an impactful Non-profit. We have an impactful approach to recovering your failed donor payments. All in 5 (not-so) easy steps.

Conversion Management

We're going to use custom text and emails to communicate to your customers over a 30-day period. You’ll get the lost revenue and the won-back customers.

Your non-profit's name — and the reputation behind it — matters in the world, which means the way you communicate matters. Which means the way we communicate on your behalf really matters.

Conversion management is not plug-and-play, automated emails and texts sent to your donors. In fact, we believe humanization > automation when it comes to donation payment recovery.

This is the heavy-lifting, care-giving work done to win back your recurring donors with personally customized and highly optimized communication cadence that WORKS over a 30-day period.

Access Management

We do all of the removal and restoration of access to your product or service. You get to rest knowing your customers are getting what they need, while you focus on your business.

With Access Management, we do all of the heavy-lifting decision-making when it comes to who receives their donor perks and who doesn’t.

This is a BIG deal in your world, and it’s one in ours, too. Leave it to us to remove and restore donor status and access to what they need (or don’t) with ease.

All so you and your team can focus on impacting the world around you, instead of trying to chase recurring donor payments.

Billing Management

Customers have endless billing questions. We have endless billing answers. All 100% answered on your behalf!

Your donors have endless billing questions. We have endless billing answers. All 100% answered on your behalf — just as you would!

Safety is everything these days. And trust is hard to rebuild once lost. Do you have secure links for your customers to update their credit cards — or a process for refunds or (gasp …it happens!) disputes?

If you don’t, have no fear. From refund processes to protocols around righting donor wrongs, we will have you covered.

Incentive Management

We are your upsell, cross-sell and down-sell team, all done without bots. Your customers want to talk to people who care, so we give ‘em really caring people to help.

You’ve got a new donation plan or upgraded perk to add? We’ve got you.

We are your upsell, cross-sell and down-sell team, all with a conversation — and without the automation that can spell doom in these situations.

Your donors want to talk to people who care, so we give ‘em really caring people to help.

In fact, if you remember nothing else, remember this one equation: Upsells + Downsells + Cross-sells = More Donor Sales!

Cancellation Management

You have a full plate. We take the headaches and the frustrations off of it. In its place, you get peace of mind without a piece of their mind.

So, they decided to cancel. Instead of letting them run out the back door, what if you created a process that was handled with care?

It’s incredibly important to stay on top of those who just don't want to donate anymore.

Setting up a smooth process of handling your cancellations as well as updating your donors on them is absolutely paramount so the Cancellation Molehill doesn’t turn into Complaint Mountain.

Non-Profit Pricing

Software companies give you Smoke-and-Mirrors.
We give you Pricing Pillars.

1. Flat Fee

One set price. Zero Worries.

2. Transparent

No hidden charges. No hidden nonsense.

3. Guaranteed

We take on ALL the risk. You’ll never, ever lose money with us. Guaranteed.

Are you ready to Get Back to IMPACTING?!

Impacting the Community?

Impacting the Change?
Impacting the World?
Stop chasing failed recurring donor payments.Get back to impacting as you can through your non-profit.
Gravy for Non-Profits:
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