Gravy for Course Creators.

Put  More Revenue into Your Course Business without Taxing Your Team.

Managing customer churn can feel a lot like playing defense. Here at Gravy — Defense is our expertise. Let us do the work for you. Get back to playing offense.

Goodbye Customer churn. hello worry-free Revenue.

Our tech-enabled solution allows you to sleep peacefully knowing there isn't a revenue leak in your Online Course business.

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gravy recover

Time Consuming
Full Time Salary
Redundant Work
Easily Overextended
Untrained in best practices

Gravy Recover™

Human Approach
Cost Effective
Brand Protection
Increase Lifetime Value
Dedicated Support

Automation/ Dunning

Low Recovery Rates
Hurts Your Brand
Lowers Credibility
Lost Revenue


Whatever Your Payment Merchant.
We Got You.

As an Online Course business, you might use several payment methods to give your customers options. Our Recovery Teams know how to maximize your tech stack, pull clean data, and maximize speed to revenue.

Whether it’s Stripe or Braintree, Infusionsoft or Kajabi, we have all your bases covered.

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Do you know how much revenue is failing per month?

No? You're not alone. We help entrepreneurs daily figure out how much they're failing per month. And our revenue recovery programs grow with you — so you never have to worry about churn again.

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Your brand is everything.
we know that.

Your customers buy because of you. Your voice, your style, and your "Why" is the most important thing to keep them there.

Gravy Recover™ isn’t automation. It’s your brand front and center. We’re relationship builders that recover revenue. This not only brings your customers back in, but keeps them there longer.

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