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Gravy, one of "Atlanta's Best Places to Work" now hiring! And even though we may office in the Peach State, all remote applicants are welcome because our real HQ is on Slack.

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The Secret Sauce : Our Team

What This Means for Your Saucy Self

We believe in the human touch as a way to make better customer experiences happen. We are on a mission to create an affordable, more efficient way for businesses to engage and manage failed payments AND bring the human element back to the cold world of automated, digital communication. Bam.

Replacing computers with a group of living, breathing humans who deliver a constant flow of payment recovery, legendary compassion and personal contact... People seem to like it.

The DNA of a Gravy Team Member

It's not just what we do that sets us apart. It's who we are. In fact, it's the who that makes the what actually work.

The 5 Essential Ingredients of Our Core Value Recipe

Our hustle is greater than our pride (We Take Initiative)
Our follow-through is better than Tiger Woods' golf swing (WE DO WHAT WE SAY WE'LL DO)
Our team is numero uno (WE BUILD OTHERS UP)
Our outlook is brighter than the sunshine state (WE APPROACH LIFE WITH OPTIMISM)
Our work doesn't define our value (WE DON'T TAKE OURSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY)

Different is Better

We're a Leadership Development Company disguised as a failed payment recovery company.

Yes, it's worth repeating. Because here's the thing: We believe the most successful Gravy Team members embrace growing their personal leadership while they are growing their careers.

At its core, Gravy prioritizes... that order... every day... all day.

We believe that when a company is lucky enough to find people who are committed to being...

The Employee Trifecta!!

Its leadership should do everything in its power to help equip THEM to do their best work.

Pretty awesome, right?!

Win for You. Win for Them. Win for Us.

Team Win.

When you are consistently advanced, encouraged and 'double dog dared' to be the best possible version of yourself.

Clients Win.

Our clients get a once-in-a-lifetime experience that delivers financially and emotionally in unparalleled measure.

Shareholders Win.

They like us for the financial results, but they love us for the way we get them.

Oh yeah... We also have some pretty stellar perks & benefits

Employer Paid Health

Vision & Dental

Leadership Summits

Leadership Development