Solving your failed payment problem isn’t just business. It’s personal.

Our Story is Your Story

Yeah, we’ve been there, done that and wrote the book on recovering failed payments. (Happy ending included.)

CEO Casey Graham almost lost it all. Stunned and in disbelief, this wasn’t exactly the fairytale ending he envisioned for his business.

The villain? Lost revenue due to failed payments.

It was worse than he thought — and cost him more than he thought.

Tech couldn’t solve it.
Dashboards couldn’t fix it.
Automation couldn’t recover it.

No matter what he thought would work, it didn't. So, he got to work to solve the issue.

The result?

Out of that painful experience that cost him millions in minutes, the foundation for Gravy was laid. He vowed this wasn’t going to happen to anyone else.

We solved our failed payment problem. We’re going to solve yours, too.

Your Accidental Churn Problem, Gone.

Revenue Returned to clients like you:


Join the hundreds of companies just like yours that trust Gravy to recover their failed payments — and paying customers.
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Meet Your Team

The gravy team, your recovery team!

Other places say you’ll like working with them. Then they give you an overworked and underpaid “point of contact” who changes as fast as a revolving door.

Not so with us. You’re going to get an extension of your team that looks, feels and acts like the revenue recovery department you deserve — all within your company.

Yeah, we’re a team of people you’ll really like who’ll work tirelessly to earn results you’ll really love.

Behind every failed — and recovered — payment is a person. And nothing warms up a cold conversation faster than a warm, caring human.

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Are you DONE with failed payments?

Done with lost revenue.
Done with the hassle.
Done with the pain.
Get it all DONE for you.
Recover more safely, quickly and easily.
Stop accidental churn now.
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