Gravy Adds 3 Pivotal Lead Team Members to Its Growing Staff

August 21, 2019
Gravy is excited to share the additions of three key leadership team members to a staff that has nearly doubled in the past three months.
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Gravy, the leading customer retention and revenue recovery solution based in Atlanta, is in the news again just months after announcing it had raised $1 million to revolutionize customer retention and return $1 billion back to small businesses.

This time, however, the fast-growing startup is excited to share the additions of three key leadership team members to a staff that has nearly doubled in the past three months.

In May, Gravy mentioned how the infusion of funds and resources would enable the organization to attack target markets, establish its brand, amplify its go-to-market strategy and invest in top talent. And that’s exactly what it did.

Gravy has added 17 full-time team members
since receiving its seed funding round in the spring, including bringing in three industry executives to beef up its leadership team.

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Josh Angel joins the team as Vice President of Sales and Revenue after spending the last 11 years leading business units and large sales team at Siemens Corp. 

John Cozad will serve as Senior Vice President of Operations and most recently helped Deputy, the leading workforce management platform, launch and scale its presence in the Americas. 

Lastly, Josh Rhodes, lead generation guru, comes to Gravy as the Vice President of Growth after launching and helping lead several successful businesses in the Southeast, including The Rocket Company, Gravy CEO and co-founder Casey Graham’s previous organization.

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The new leaders join existing Gravy executives, including Graham, Renee Weber (Chief People Officer) and Britton Clark (VP of Brand and Partner Marketing) to fill out the leadership team — for now.

“Our staff growth is incredibly exciting,” Graham says. “However, we’re also proud of the quality of the team we’re building. In fact, we were notified by Atlanta Business Chronicle in July that we’re a finalist for Best Places to Work in Atlanta for 2019.”

Gravy's full-time, US-based, retention specialists use their “Southern charm” to help companies with recurring subscriptions and memberships retain customers and increase their lifetime value. 

The solution is powered by people, but amplified by a custom technology that is already responsible for recovering more than $22 million in single-saved transactions.

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“We feel like we’re truly disrupting the customer retention and failed payment recovery space, because we’ve made it clear from day one that we’re not just another dunning software with cold, automated, collections tactics,” Weber says. 

“As more emails crowd already flooded inboxes, Gravy is a breath of fresh air for those wanting not only a warm human at the other end of the communication, but a process that produces results and customer retention rates (50%+) previously unheard of in the payment recovery industry,” she adds.

“I know I keep saying this, but we’re just getting started,” Graham says. “$1 billion may seem like an audacious goal, but when you surround yourself with the types of industry leaders and talented team members like we’re doing at Gravy — anything is possible.

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