The Ultimate Online Course Launch Checklist

To ensure your online course launch is less of a question mark and more of an exclamation point, we’ve put together a checklist of things you need to do to get off to a flying start.
Written by: Tara Horstmeyer

Main Stages of an Online Course Launch

Here are the three main stages of an online course launch:

  1. Pre-Launch
  2. Launch
  3. Post Launch

We’ll walk you through everything you need for each stage.

Pre-Launching Your Online Course

Delve Into Your Target Audience’s Problems and Pain Points

target market

List Your Online Course’s Goals and Outcomes

After you’ve nailed the objectives of your online course, map out how each module will help you to meet your goals.

These checks and balances will keep you on track to deliver a value-packed online course to your target audience:

online course

Work Out the Different Formats You’ll Use For your Content

A variety of formats help to keep your audience engaged. Here are some types of formats to use:

Read our How to Write Subscription and Membership Content that Sells blog to create compelling and engaging content.

Work Out Your Online Course Launch's Pricing Strategy

See our post on 3 Tips for Pricing Your Online Course.

Promoting Your Online Course Launch

Imagine that, after all the research and content creation you’ve done, no one knows about your online course launch.

It will come as a relief to know that you don’t have to finish creating all of your course content before you launch.

Pre-Selling Your Online Course

Pre-selling your online course is another great way of testing whether your target market really wants what you’re offering and whether you can get recurring revenue from your course.

If pre-selling your online course works, you can use this revenue to pay for the time you’ll be investing in creating your lessons. Or you can use this revenue to outsource some of your online course creation:


Now is the time to stir up excitement for your upcoming online course launch by doing the following:

Here are some ideas of the types of emails to include in your launch sequence:

Looking for more practical ways to market and sell your online course?

Launching Your Online Course

The day that you’ve been working so hard for is finally here.

The right preparation and planning should make your launch day much smoother and bring in as many subscribers as possible.

You’ve done an awesome job so far, so take a moment to congratulate yourself before you put your launch day wheels in motion.

Follow this list of things to do on your launch day to cover all your bases:

launch day

The Post-Launch of Your Online Course

After the big launch, the work continues to wow your learners to prevent churn:

churn photo

Protect Your Revenue With Online Course Customer Retention

After you’ve done the hard work to launch your online course, it makes sense to do all you can to protect your revenue (especially if you have a recurring income model). Sadly, customer churn is a part of subscription businesses — and that includes online courses.

It’s not uncommon for students to start your course on a payment plan and have a failed payment at some point. Dealing with customer churn doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience if you partner with us at Gravy.

We provide a full-time focus on recovering failed payments for your online course to increase your customer retention rate. At Gravy, we work with several subscription-based business owners just like you to help protect your bottom line and your brand.

In fact, marketing powerhouses like Amy Porterfield trust us to retain their students and reduce churn. (Read Amy’s story.)

Book a free call with us today to find out how we will work with you to keep your students and make more profit. Launching your membership site is an exciting time for sure!

Launching an online course can be nerve-wracking, exciting and a bit confusing all at the same time.

Your online course launch will either set you up for success or leave you struggling to maximize your revenue.

Before thinking about how to launch an online course, you should have already done your research to find out:

Start Recovering
Failed Payments Today.
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