Why $100 Million Returned to Businesses is Just the Beginning

The Gravy Team
This past week, Gravy reached a milestone in our mission towards $1 Billion back to small business by 2023.

Last week, Gravy crossed a milestone.

We hit $100 million in recovered revenue for our clients.

That number to us is just mind-boggling.

Without what we’ve started at Gravy, all of that money would have been gone from the good guys - the small business owners out there making waves.

The ones hiring people, increasing profit, creating freedom, and putting their life’s savings on the line to make it on their own.

When Gravy says we accelerate freedom, we mean that we’re giving back to people who are doing good work.

But the money saved and the opportunity generated is only part of it.

The other side of that opportunity is the Gravy team. 

The 44 people we have creating a great culture. One where they’re not just integral in building Gravy or helping our clients build their business, but also building their own empires.

Gravy started as a mission to return revenue to small businesses, and has become a place where people can build their careers, set up their futures, and create their own brands.

We’re doing that on LinkedIn. Getting mentioned in the same sentence as Gong and Drift is proof of that.

We’re doing that on Slack. The leadership system we’ve been able to create is going to sprout several entrepreneurs from Gravy. 

When we wrote our Mission to return $1 Billion back to small businesses by 2023, we did that before we had even returned $1 Million. 

At the time, $1 Billion seemed staggering. But now, it’s a north star. 

And now we’re thinking, what can you create with $1 Billion of opportunity back?

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