How To Scale Your Online Course from 50-500k

Course Creators
It’s quite exciting to decide that you're ready. But proceed with caution. Checking your course and business growth against known metrics are a great way to see if you’re prepared for expansion.
Written By: April Bewell


You have reached a milestone, and now you think you’re ready to scale your online course. Perhaps you have reached a target revenue, and you are prepared for more. 

Here’s the challenge. Scaling a business, in this instance, your course is not the same as launching it. It is not the same as getting your first students. It goes beyond the initial validation from your tribe. Scaling your business means you're able to handle an increase in sales, work, or output without sacrificing your time, sanity, or the quality of your service. 

When scaling a course, it’s easier to target more sales, which requires more time and resources. But beyond the course you're building, you would need a business that is repeatable, scalable, and has profitable growth. Jumping to scale can permanently stunt your performance and affect your business in the long term. Scaling too quickly can burn you and your people out and result in losing steam and, more importantly, lose your current market. 

So before going all out with your scale campaign, make sure your processes, marketing, and people are ready to take on the challenge. 

But when do you know the right time to scale your business? What are the indicators that the time is right to get hyper-growth? 

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