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Gravy’s people-powered payment recovery is more effective at increasing customer retention than Churn Buster's automated dunning management tool.

Find peace of mind with Gravy.

• Human Led Process
• Integration into More CRM Platforms
• Flexibility Beyond Failed Payment Recovery

Why a Tech-Enabled Approach? Let's Dive In.

Churn Buster is a robust dunning management software that plugs into your Payment Merchant Account. Customers consider Churn Buster to be overall a good tool, and we have a ton of respect for the people at Churn Buster and the solution they produce.

But We're Different Than Churn Buster, And Here's Why:

1. 100% Human Led Process

• No automation in our outreach efforts
• Proactive problem-solving, not intractable automatic processes
• Person to person touch points between your customers, your employees, and Gravy 

At Gravy, we know a personal touch is better for a failed payment recovery outcome. We’ve met huge success for our clients by making the recovery process human at every touch point.

Don’t get us wrong, it’s great to have a tech stack that can automate away business challenges for you. But getting a customer back on subscription is one we feel requires a human element. But when you get an automated email, you know it’s automated. There’s a distance in the language between the automation and the recipient, and no matter how well written and designed that outreach is, the reader knows.

We produce 1 to 1 outreach with a 1 to many mindset. That means we treat every outreach cadence as a single form of communication to your churned customer to make recovering them a singular task, not a batch and blast activity or just in time delivery sequence. And we do this 100% white label. Your brand is represented all the time. No emails from “”. 

You have a real person with a real company domain reaching out and recovering your customers. So instead of email correspondence like this:

update card information

Your customer receives involuntary churn emails that are hyper-personalized, hyper-branded, and sent by a real person👇

Drone U membership

Which of these approaches do you think performed better?

It’s also been common for companies to use Gravy in addition to Churn Buster because of our ability to recover their customers at a higher percentage. Churn Buster relies on a low price, simple integration, and ‘better than dunning’ recovery process to give their clients modest gains in failed payment recovery.

We seek to accelerate freedom and drive revenue back into your business so you can grow it faster. Our service to you as a client is also human-led. We meet with you on video calls once a month to review progress, discuss outcomes, and ensure you have visibility and peace of mind so you can focus on growing your business while we focus on keeping it.

That’s a level of personalization and human touch no automated tool can match.

2. Integration into more CRM Platforms

We’re tech chameleons and proud to say so.

Stripe is the most popular payment processor out there, and most of our clients use it. And we love Stripe as a payment processor and subscription CRM. We work extremely well with it.
Churn Buster’s integrations include Stripe as well as Braintree, Memberpress, and Recharge.

But, there’s a plethora of subscriber CRMs that all sorts of businesses use, including:

• Infusionsoft by Keap
• SamCart®
• Ontraport
• Kajabi
• Teachable
• Membermouse

And many more.

Many companies use multiple Payment Processor accounts within their business, since solutions like PayPal put payments in your bank account instantly (💰). If your business operates like that, then you already know that’s an instant limitation for an automated dunning service.

gravy vs churnbuster

We know your business relies on the tools that best serve your needs. So we make sure we’re able to fit into your business processes, and not limit your failed payment recovery options by our lack of tech integration. Know that if you use multiple subscriber CRMs or if you use a less common one, the ability of Churn Buster to integrate into those processors and gateways may be compromised. With Gravy, because we have a service-led, human first process, there is no subscription CRM that we can’t work with to help recover your failed payment customers.

And if you use multiple subscriber CRMs, we’re able to sift through them in order to find your source of truth to recover customers in the most efficient and effective way possible.

3. Flexibility Beyond Failed Payment Recovery

Your business might rely on multiple engagement mediums and encounter nuances within a failed payment recovery sequence an automated dunning can’t handle. For instance, say you send an automated dunning email - well-timed and optimized - and the person replies with a request for cancellation or refund. As a business you would be relying on whoever the Churn Buster dunning email point of contact is - be it the CEO, CMO, or whomever - to contextualize this reply and forward it off to the appropriate person. But what if you don’t have a process for that?

Your dunning tool isn’t equipped to deal with the human element of your customers. Nor will they help you to develop a process for dealing with such nuance. That’s where we specialize - the onboarding process for new clients.

Part of our success with failed payment recovery is in our attention for detail and in developing response procedures for nuance. Because our experience guarantees that dunning automation can’t care about your customers - only people can. This goes back to our first differentiator, but it’s important here, too.

We cover the details of cancels, refunds, etc. during the onboarding process to ensure those are dealt with to your standard and liking, and we route communication correctly.

Flexibility also exists in the ability for a person to either down-sell, discount. or incentivize a failed payment customer to keep them paying and extend their LTV. Again, this is where a dunning process like Churn Buster can fall short. Churn Buster predicates it’s cadences on bringing a customer back to their current plan. But, not every customer who churns is satisfied with their subscription or able to get back on plan. 

So what does Churn Buster do? It can’t do anything - it’s an automated process.

Gravy, as a human-led service, is able to be more agile than automation in dealing with the various scenarios that will occur in recovering failed payments. This can include getting your failed payment customers back on plan in the form of:

Payment Plans

gravy vs churnbuster

While not every client takes advantage of this, it’s one way we truly separate ourselves from automated dunning companies like Churn Buster. We determine procedures for these sorts of scenarios in our onboarding process to get you up, running, and recovering revenue quickly.

What if you have a Facebook Group membership? There is no scenario by which a tool like Churn Buster is able to help you manage that in tandem with your subscription CRM.

So, if you offer a subscription with an added value like a private Facebook Group membership, you’ll have to develop an internal procedure to remove those failed payment customers from that Facebook Group to deny access to your product, service, or content. Or, you could have Gravy handle it as an Optional Service feature.

We offer additional Optional Services like Removal / Reinstatement of Access to Course Content, Trial Conversions, and the like.

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