Gravy Clients Prove Generosity is Not Cancelled

It’s tempting to cut costs in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and economic crisis, but Gravy is taking steps to be different.

It’s tempting — and even necessary — to cut costs, tighten budgets and hang on to what you have in the midst of a worldwide pandemic and economic crisis, but Gravy is taking steps to be different.

Thanks to our clients.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and all of the misery it is causing with people and small businesses around the world, hundreds of Gravy clients are contributing to it being a lot less miserable for many.

Everybody Wins

In March, our clients allowed us to win back their customers and return failed payments to their business.

And now it’s April, the month we get to take March’s success in serving our family of clients and pay it forward, impacting some people in some big ways.

After we returned revenue to our clients, our ultimate goal, we took some of what remained and gave it away.

We have invested it back into the people that serve our clients and their customers.


Because our internal mantra that says, "Everybody Wins,” really means everybody.

We don’t get paid until our clients do. We don’t win unless our clients win. And our clients don’t win unless their customers win.

What many of our clients are also realizing is a key part of this secret sauce in helping their customers win, they help others win as well.

Simply put, our clients serve our internal team as much as our internal team works to serve their clients.

In light of these dark times, Gravy’s clients are serving up hope in the form of a new scholarship, a single mom’s rent payment and other acts of kindness simply by allowing Gravy to serve them during this season.

Ignite Passion Scholarship Fund

It may be hard to imagine right now, but school will go on.

Students will return to learning and campuses will reopen, whether it’s virtually, in person or by another method altogether.

And when they do, Gravy’s clients have made it possible for one student to go back with a scholarship to her name.

Meet Jordan Chancy.

Jordan has been working with Gravy as a high school senior, helping to onboard clients and extending her gifts of service during her final year of school.

Jordan also lost her father suddenly in November of 2019.

Richard Chancy played an integral part in shaping Gravy’s culture and influencing our CEO, Casey Graham, for years as his mentor.

His wisdom, servant leadership and business acumen helped shaped Gravy’s culture and creation as much as anyone, and his void left an impact on many, especially Jordan.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Thanks to our clients, on Gravy’s third birthday, we were able to launch the Ignite Passion Scholarship Fund.

This fund is set up to find a high school senior who has shown amazing courage and character in times of unexpected crisis.

Today, the inaugural $2,000 Scholarship was gifted to Richard's daughter, Jordan, who will be attending the University of Georgia in the fall.

Serving our clients has simply allowed our clients to serve Jordan today, and many more students to come tomorrow.

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Hope Remains Open

Jordan’s story is just one story of many being spread among the Slack channels of Gravy.

Here are more examples of how being able to give back to Gravy’s clients has allowed our clients to give back to the team that serves them.

1. Spotify Subscription for All Team Members

Working from home doesn’t have to mean you are forced to work in the quiet.

Gravy gifted its team with paid-for subscriptions to the music service, ultimately meaning their clients are helping the team and individuals who serve them and their customers be even more productive while at home.

In fact, one team member was playing, "Great Day To Be Alive" by Travis Tritt while returning customers back to her clients.

2. Starbucks Coffee for All Team Members

Another non-negotiable when it comes to productivity?


A free Starbucks drink is on tap for our Gravy team to up their fuel and increase their output for the clients they love — thanks to the clients they love.

3. COVID-19 Overcomer Award

Even in the toughest of pandemics, one of our team members was able to fight the coronavirus and win.

Now safely recovering, Gravy is helping her on the road to recovery and regain her health back, while also paying it forward to a subscription-based organization this team member loves.

Our team member’s membership to Orange Theory is being paid for, helping her continue her health and wellness journey while being able to serve Gravy’s amazing clients — thanks to our clients.

4. Core Value Award

One of the toughest spots to be in during these times is the role of the single, working mother.

One of Gravy’s team members has been working diligently to pay off debt and create a better life in a better place for her family, while working hard to serve her Gravy clients as part of their family.

And, thanks to them, her new place is becoming a reality — with one month’s rent being covered, too.

5. Gravy Babies

From Gravy Baby onesies to celebrating new additions to our clients’ families and our own, one thing is clear: We love babies at Gravy.

Two of our Gravy team members are expecting new additions, and the opportunity to serve their clients day in and day out means our clients have helped cover their babies day in and day out.

Specifically, Gravy has been able to gift both expectant parents diapers for all of Q2.

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More than Saving Failed Credit Card Payments

Every Gravy client we serve does more than just allow us to save their customers.

To save their revenue. And to help save their business during this time.

Every Gravy client allows us to serve our team during a time when others-serving can take a back seat to self-serving.

It is possible to be a light in dark times, and end up on the other side stronger and more financially secure than before.

In fact, this is who the small business community is and what the small business community does.

When the cards are stacked against business owners, business owners will find a way to prevail. And to provide a lifeline for others however they can.

Our clients will find a way to prevail.

And Gravy is here to help.

All the while, Gravy will continue to be here to serve and offer a revenue lifeline along the way to recover their customers and return millions back on our way to returning $1B back to small businesses by 2023.

Because hope isn’t canceled.

And generosity isn’t canceled.

Their doors remain wide open at Gravy, and we invite all subscription-based businesses or those with recurring revenue to open their doors to what is possible in failed payment recovery for your business — all while serving others through how Gravy can you.

To learn more about working with Gravy, book a call with us.

Our team’s only focus is on being a lighthouse for your business and returning you your paying  customers and revenue from failed payments — during this pandemic and after. Read our post on client onboarding to learn how we onboard new clients of ours.

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