Each week hear the highs, the lows, the OH NOs and the HECK YES moments. So no matter where you are as an entrepreneur, CEO, industry leader or entry-level startup, no matter where you are in your career, you will find something useful, practical and inspirational as we at Gravy march toward returning $1,000,000,000 to small businesses and give you a sneak peek into our insights and learnings. Our clients have been on the receiving end of more than $23 million in the last 24 months, and we are just getting started. Stop forgetting the Forgotten Funnel of failed payments and customer retention, and let us get you your share of this billion-dollar dream we have for you. Let’s talk.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 1

The Truth about Gravycast

What do a pickup truck, college business startup, 3 sold businesses and customer retention have to do with you? Meet Gravycast host and CEO Casey Graham as he lays the foundation of who this podcast is for (hint: it’s you) and why you need to never miss it (hint: this billion-dollar vision will lay the groundwork for you and your business dreams, too).

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Bonus 1: How to Hire the Right People

When you hire less than 3% of people who apply and are up for Atlanta’s Best Places to Work award, you are probably on to something. But the question isn’t, “How do I hire people;” rather, “How do I hire the right people?” Join Gravycast host Casey Graham as he interviews Gravy’s newest hire and learn the one thing everyone else will tell you that matters (but it really doesn’t) and what our gatekeeper does to weed out (or keep in) everyone else in the ultimate guide to hiring the right kind of people for your growing business.

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Episode 2

Having Laser Sharp Focus as a Business Owner

Do you know the reason 80% to 90% of strategic plans fail? Whether your plans are centered around growth or revenue, family succession or something altogether different, the answer lies in this episode. From a CEO to individual contributor in your company, there’s something for everyone as you learn how to align your plans around gaining laser sharp focus on intent as an owner. Learn the why — and the how — in today’s episode with guest Brian Kohr.

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Episode 3

Proven Way to See the Future of Your Business

You want to live your life and approach your business with clarity, intentionality and a vision, right? While society tells you to just set more goals, society is wrong. Goals alone don’t work for your business and leadership, but here’s what does. This episode will help you clear the clutter, get to the heart of your vision and leave with tangible ways to move that vision forward, with the inspiration, clarity and practical tools to do so — today.

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Bonus 2: Five Things I Used to Believe About Business (That I Don’t Anymore)

Think growing and scaling a business is all about sales, sales, sales? Even if you are Mark Cuban, you will want to drop the profit margin focus mindset and listen in. In this episode, you’ll learn the 5 things Gravy CEO Casey Graham used to believe about business (but doesn’t anymore) and how this mental shift from sales to retention can be a catalyst for explosive growth in your life and in your business.

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