Each week hear the highs, the lows, the OH NOs and the HECK YES moments. So no matter where you are as an entrepreneur, CEO, industry leader or entry-level startup, no matter where you are in your career, you will find something useful, practical and inspirational as we at Gravy march toward returning $1,000,000,000 to small businesses and give you a sneak peek into our insights and learnings. Our clients have been on the receiving end of more than $23 million in the last 24 months, and we are just getting started. Stop forgetting the Forgotten Funnel of failed payments and customer retention, and let us get you your share of this billion-dollar dream we have for you. Let’s talk.

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Recent Episodes

Differentiators in Your Business

In this episode of Gravycast, our host Casey Graham interviews Forrest Walden, founder of Iron Tribe Fitness. Casey and Forrest will dive into what differentiators should look like in your business to be sure you set your business apart from others. They will also dive into the importance of design, user experience, customer engagement, and more to help you grow your business!

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Episode 8

How to Lead Through Change

In this episode of Gravycast, we are taking you into one of Gravy’s weekly All Team Meetings. You will see to see how we develop a culture of leadership and transparency that ultimately helps us grow to a billion dollar business. There is a lot of change in life, work, family, you name it, change it everywhere. In this episode, Casey Graham will lead you through the seven things that are sure to help you lead better and help your teams thrive.

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Episode 7

This Group of People Will Ensure Growth

What’s the one thing most entrepreneurs and CEOs don’t have that can move the needle of their business right now? The answer in easy: Get an advisory board. While the idea has been circulating for many years, most leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs or employees don’t have one because they don’t know how to get one or how to run one. Join Gravycast host Casey Graham as he helps you remove any common barriers you may face, dives into why you need one, gives you the plan for how to get one, and shows you how to operate with one once you do.

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Episode 6

Protect Your Business with Core Values

Organizational values. While most businesses have them, most business have them — all wrong. In today’s episode, we will help you take them off the wall, dust them off and give you what you need to revisit and rewrite what could be the single most important thing you do for the life of your business and the impact you make as a CEO or leader. One step at a time.

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Episode 5

Know What is Next for Your Business

Many issues small business owners face aren’t unique to them; yet, without having a road map or knowledge of your current location on that map, most CEOs or business owners feel lost. In part two of the two-part series with guest Brett Gilliand, co-founder and CEO of Elite Entrepreneurs, host Casey Graham opens up the map, points you to your location and walks you through the 5 Stages of Business. You will walk away confidently knowing which stage you are in, which stage you are heading next, and the exact steps are to get there.

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Episode 4

Avoid Chaos in Your Business

How do you move from chaos to extreme clarity in your growing or scaling business or in your personal leadership? In this part one of his two-part series with guest Brett Gilliand, co-founder and CEO of Elite Entrepreneurs, host Casey Graham will dig into your essential leadership guide to help you discover — and then execute on — massive amounts of clarity in your purpose and in your mission. This episode alone will impact the way you make decisions moving forward and even the way you hire people — today.

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