7 Tools to Help Guide Your Content Marketing

Are you spending a lot on premium content marketing tools that ends up underdelivering on promises and not enough leads? Get the best without having to look through hundreds of content marketing tools with thousands of different uses. We gathered 7 of the best and most basic content marketing tools on this ebook, broken down into different categories to meet the diverse needs of businesses in need of content marketing.

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Use this playbook for:

Getting to know the basic tools required for content marketing
Learning the basis for each tool
Setting up your content process
Creating a content strategy
Learning the best practices for expanding your audience


Start With The Basic Tools

There are literally thousands of technical marketing tools on the market. But if you're just starting on your content marketing, there's no reason to go shopping for the next shiny thing yet. Start with the basics before getting smitten by thousands of content marketing features and benefits.

Develop Your Content Strategy

You can't just rely on tools without a strategy. Get content insights and develop a content strategy based on the data rather than intuition. Find out what they want to hear from you about, what would connect them with you more, and even how to get them to notice your business in the first place. 

Content Marketing Versus Content Advertising

Somewhere along the way, marketers figured that it would be faster to combine content marketing and advertising. Many businesses are turned off by the cost and expense of advertising, especially if they are unfamiliar with how ads platform works. However, if you are smart about your online advertising strategy, the rewards from ads can be huge.

The secret to most successful companies isn’t really a secret… it’s great content.
Casey Graham, CEO Gravy