Add More Revenue to Your Car Wash. Stop Declined Transactions.

Watching revenue and monthly customers go down the drain is never fun. Gravy stops that leak and puts money back into your car wash business! We keep your customers staying and paying by recovering failed transactions from your monthly memberships. Let us do the dirty work for you.

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Goodbye Customer Churn.
Hello Worry-Free Revenue.

Our tech-enabled solution allows you to sleep peacefully knowing there isn't a revenue problem in your Car Wash business.

How We Stack Up


Time Consuming
Full Time Salary
Redundant Work
Easily Overextended
Untrained in Best Practices

Gravy Recover™

Human Approach
Cost Effective
Brand Protection
Increase Lifetime Value
Dedicated Support
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Automation / Dunning

Low Recovery Rates
Hurts Your Brand
Lowers Credibility
Lost Revenue

Reporting, Simplified

Complicated report setup and management takes time away from team’s other tasks. We take the burden off you with reports prepared for you by our Revenue Delivery Team. No smoke and mirrors, just ROI.

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Your Brand. Our People.

Every car wash knows they have a brand to protect. After all, a brand isn’t just a logo. It’s your reputation. So why use a software that doesn’t look, talk, or respond like you?

Here at Gravy—we get brand. We're relationship builders that recover revenue. With Gravy, your customers stay customers longer.

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Whatever Your Payment Merchant, We Got You.

Use the payment method that works best for you. With Gravy, you don't have to change a thing! Our Recovery Teams know how how to maximize your tech stack, pull clean data, and maximize speed to revenue.

Whether you use DRB-SiteWatch, Washify, Sonny's, WashAssist, or ICS, we have all your bases covered.

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