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You want to live your life and approach your business with clarity, intentionality and a vision, right? While society tells you to just set more goals, society is wrong. Goals alone don’t work for your business and leadership, but here’s what does. This episode will help you clear the clutter, get to the heart of your vision and leave with tangible ways to move that vision forward, with the inspiration, clarity and practical tools to do so — today.

Today’s episode of Gravycast is co-hosted by Casey Graham and Renee Weber, co-founders of Gravy, who have worked together on many ventures over the last 17 years. Renee is also the Chief of Staff for Gravy, which means she keeps the entire team on track with strategic and operational goals. Casey and Renee explain how they created a vivid vision for their business and how it is different from goal setting.

A goal is simple and short-term, like building a billion-dollar business, but a vivid vision is projecting what the future of that goal looks like. Casey lays out the exact steps to create your own vivid vision using a pen and paper and imagining what life is like three years into the future. The first question to ask is who is with you in the future. The second question to ask is what your environment looks like, in terms of your work environment and all the details you can imagine. The third question is to ask what your team looks like and cast a vision to show your team where they can go.

Additional questions you can ask include what it would feel like to sit in your team meeting, what is your customer count, what are your product offerings, or even what does your day like? It doesn’t matter if you get the vivid vision wrong the first time you do it, because it still supplies the overarching mindset and vision that propels your business forward. The mindset and values provide a guidepost for selecting employees and even customers, in order to facilitate alignment. The more you define your vivid vision, the bigger it gets and the larger your projected impact.

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