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5-Step Plan to Recovering Failed Payments

Here’s how the best teams run a revenue recovery process these days:

STEP 1: Conversion Excursion

[Conversion Management]

Whether you have subscriptions failing monthly, quarterly, annually, or you have free trials failing or any other failures, the workflow is the same.

You MUST be working every day to win those clients back.

One way to do this is with cadences of emails and/or text message campaigns. In fact, we recommend a 5-6 sequence cadence inside of 30 days that is:

  1. Fully custom to the client and feels personal. (Because it IS personal. No one wants a bot asking them for money. They want YOU. So, you must craft a compelling, personalized sequence.)
  2. Make sure each ask matches or aligns with your brand and voice. Nothing is worse than your warm brand being butchered with a cold voice.
  3. Test each cadence. Optimize. Time is your friend here.
  4. Be prepared to answer questions from customers on time and retry payments consistently so you don’t send an email to someone who paid recently.
  5. Edit cadences and remove customers IMMEDIATELY as they pay, respond or cancel.
An awesome example of how to recovery failed revenue via email!

It takes work and a lot of it, but it’s work worth doing. Don’t forget to regularly test these cadences to optimize performance.

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Conversion Management Checklist:

  • Send a 30-day email, text message, and ticket cadences
  • Write customized, conversion-based copy based on your product, brand and voice
  • Test conversion rates for maximum revenue recovery
  • Must be ready to respond to fails immediately
  • Try and retry payments regularly

STEP 2: Still Accessible? Unacceptable!

[Access Management]

Access Management isn’t as simple as pressing a button to turn things on and off. Often, it’s made up of lots of conversations that involve two pillars: Remove and Restore.

Removal: As far as removal goes, your cadence doesn’t hold water if you don’t restrict access. Sounds like no fun? We get it. Especially when YOU are the one responsible for this.

But, without someone outside your biz doing this for you, you and/or your team are going to have to develop some thick skin. After all, you aren’t here to win friends. (Or are you…?!)

You MUST be sure to restrict access to your products or services to create urgency for your customer to come back and update their credit card information or give you an alternate form of payment faster. Sounds like a pain? Well, it kinda’ is…

Pro Tip: Oh! Don’t forget to remove customers who have canceled, too.

Restore: When you succeed at winning customers back, you cannot forget to RESTORE their subscriptions and services. There’s no faster way to make them mad than not do this immediately.

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Access Management Checklist:

Button up that easy access. Here’s how:

  • Remove and restore access to your product based on failed payment status. IMMEDIATELY
  • Lock or unlock exclusive content
  • Run inventory constantly
  • Work directly with your customers to make sure they have what they need

STEP 3: Security Blankets

[Billing Management]

Safety is everything these days. And trust is hard to rebuild once lost.

Do you have secure links for your customers to update their credit cards inside your systems so your web and email communications are safe and trustworthy?

If not, stop reading now and get ‘er done! If your refund process isn’t tight, you need to set up protocols around righting client wrongs STAT.

Lastly, when it comes to the inevitable disputes, establishing some guidelines on the evidence required to process them is going to work in your best interest. Always.

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Billing Management Checklist

Make sure you get paid. Here’s how it’s done.

  • Update billing dates as needed
  • Handle admin issues, such as expired credit cards
  • Take care of chargeback and default situations
  • Answer ENDLESS customer billing questions and frustrations

STEP 4: Upsell + Cross-Sell Hell Well!

[Incentive Management]

“So, you’re telling me you can turn a failed payment conversation into a revenue making conversation?”

Um, yes. We do it every day. But, it’s not a one-way street. You have to engage in a two-way dialogue.This only works if you have a team ready to not ONLY save payments, but take advantage of upsells and cross-sells during these sensitive conversations.

Even if that salesperson is YOU. Here are some questions to ask:

  • Do you know how to add revenue through bundles, add-ons or upgrades?
  • When customers are unhappy, is your down-sell program keeping your customers on board at a lower cost when needed?
  • During the holidays, are your messages offering deals, bonuses and offers for customers who have failed payments?
  • You simply MUST make sure incentives are a part of your process.

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Incentive Management Checklist

You gotta plan for that? Here’s how you, too, can upsell, cross-sell and down-sell customers.

  • Make sure your incentive program is crystal clear with enticing incentives
  • Put together special holiday incentives
  • Prepare to act as an individualized sales team for your business

STEP 5: Cancellation Station

[Cancellation Management]

So, they decided to cancel. Can you deal with the emotional toll? How about your team’s feelings? It’s hard to keep the good times rolling when getting emotionally steamrolled daily. Even one cancellation request can feel like a gut punch.

But, it’s still incredibly important to stay on top of customers who just don't want your product or service anymore.

Setting up a smooth process of handling your cancellations as well as updating your customers on the cancellations is absolutely paramount so the Cancellation Molehill doesn’t turn into Complaint Mountain. Happy customers stay longer and bring more happy customers.

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Cancellation Management Checklist:

Make sure you help them leave well, even when you don’t want to see them go.

  • Create a system for customers who just want out
  • Correct problems that are causing customers to want to cancel
  • Listen to customer complaints and record feedback
  • Make it a point to take feedback into consideration without making it personal


It’s probably more than you think.

No matter if you’re having second thoughts or don’t wanna do it for one more second, you aren’t alone.

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