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You Are Losing Money Because Of Failed Payments

87% Of The Time, It's Worse Than You Think

We're a done-for-you revenue recovery service that recovers failed payments and your peace of mind.

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The Gravy team, here to be your Revenue Recovery Service

Our Clients' Stories Are So Telling
That We'll Let Them Do The Selling

From subscription box products to recurring revenue startups. There’s no biz too small or tech stack too big. If you have recurring revenue, we wanna work with you!
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We Win Back Revenue By Personally Connecting With Your Customers

So Far, We've Won Back

and we're on a mission to return $1 Billion by 2023. Humble Brag 😉

This Is How We Do It For You

We Manage 5 WorkFlows of Revenue Recovery™️

Conversion Management
We're going to use custom text and emails to communicate to your customers over a 30-day period. You’ll get the lost revenue and the won-back customers.
Access Management
We do all of the removal and restoration of access to your product or service. You get to rest knowing your customers are getting what they need, while you focus on your business.
Billing Management
Customers have endless billing questions. We have endless billing answers. All 100% answered on your behalf!
Incentive Management
We are your upsell, cross-sell and down-sell team, all done without bots. Your customers want to talk to people who care, so we give ‘em really caring people to help.
Cancellation Management
You have a full plate. We take the headaches and the frustrations off of it. In its place, you get peace of mind without a piece of their mind.
Gravy Bonus!
You get a full-time client success member added to your team. This person works, customizes, and thinks recovery for you.
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Your Service. Your Choice.
Revenue Recovery Done Your Way.

Think your clunky tax software can run your financial department? Of course not. Well, your recovery software wasn’t made to run your revenue retention department either. Gravy is.
And this is how we do it!
The steps you take to work with Gravy! Talk to sales, get custom quote, sign your contract, meet your team, and make more money!The steps you take to work with Gravy! Talk to sales, get custom quote, sign your contract, meet your team, and make more money!

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We’ll Be The Last Revenue Recovery Service You’ll Ever Wanna Work With

While they claim to help with failed payments, robotic email platforms will always fall short. We do everything for you!

We're different

They give a dashboard.
We give you dollars.
They give you platforms.
We give you people.
They collect paychecks.
We retrieve payments.
They standardize.
We customize.
They give you hopes.
We give you results
They give you all the risk.
We take all the risk.

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Say ‘Yes’ to Client Success
Before You Ever Sign On The Dotted Line

Work with a team of people you’ll really like who’ll work tirelessly to earn results you’ll really love.
The Gravy team you get to add to yours!

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The Gravy Guarantee!

We guarantee we'll make you more money than you pay us, or we'll make up the difference.

Done-For-You, Revenue Recovery Service Awaits

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