The Last Churn Framework You'll Ever Need

Reduce your customer churn with a simple framework that anyone can do. Gravy teaches you the secret to retaining your clients without adding to the headcount.

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What’s Inside?

Why it's important to care about churn
The different types of churn 
How to calculate and analyze churn for any online business
Signs your customer is about to churn
The Gravy framework for reducing churn that has recovered over $150M in revenue


It's cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones.

It makes sense to focus efforts and funds to nurture your existing customers who are spending their money on your goods or services time and time again.

Why do customers churn (and what to do about it?)

Churn doesn't happen overnight. It's a product of the customer's experience with your business. To fix churn, it is essential to understand why customers leave. Only by knowing the causes can you develop a clear strategy to tackle them.

Strategies for Reducing Involuntary Customer Churn 

In a world divided by B2C and B2B, there’s a lot of work riding on automation. But being a social animal by design, we crave interaction. We value relationships. We want partnerships. We want Human.

“It costs 5 TIMES MORE to acquire new customers than it does to keep an existing one.”