Free is great, except when free costs you.

You don't have to pay anything, but you're going to be losing a lot of customers if you choose to go this route. That's money right back in your pocket.

It's not that this dunning template won't work. You will see results with this, but just not great success. Standard dunning efforts only recover around 15% of failed payments, and this is just 1 email out of a whole sequence. Recovering lost subscribers is a continual process that will continue to require time and energy. More than 85% of customers never respond to automatic dunning emails.​

Simply put, you’ll get out what you put in. Gravy recovers up to 80% of failed payments. Why are we seeing so much more success than traditional dunning? Gravy manages the entire process with that detail to attention and relational equity. Because behind every payment is a person and we understand what it takes to connect with people, understand their issues, and get them back to your brand. All of this as part of your brand.

And we haven't even mentioned the personalization in our emails. Check out the Slack and BarkBox examples below, and see a sample of how we could create something completely customized to your brand, at different stages of the process, for a fully empathetic and relational connection. One that can easily 3X - 5X what traditional dunning methods do.

Or if you some help in the process, feel free to reach out. We know this journey can be confusing, and we're right here waiting for you.