Seamless failed payment recovery personalized for your brand

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In a world divided by B2C and B2B, there’s a lot of us who don’t quite feel that we belong. We are, by and large, creators, startups with passionate raison d'etres, and entrepreneurs. We crave interaction. We value relationships. We want partnerships. Our hearts die a little for every automatic email we send our clients and customers.

We want Human.

And that’s what Gravy is. We are human. We are that human connection that provides interaction to your clients, builds relationships, and cement partnerships that mere automation cannot do. Beyond that, Gravy is a leadership development company disguised as a payment success company. Everything we do centers around our vision:

Accelerate Freedom

Don’t get us wrong. We love automation. But on its own, it is just not helping leaders get the flexibility and financial freedom they want from their businesses. And we believe that payment success is a large part of building that freedom. Because only 15% of failed payments get recovered through automation.

You work hard; you create your momentum; you gather new clients. As creators, service providers, and entrepreneurs, this is the freedom you seek -the freedom to grow and the freedom to develop. Gravy’s vision is to accelerate that freedom and let you do the things you are passionate about.

Here’s a well-known statistic about payments that’s been the guiding light of Gravy.

It’s 5X harder to get a new client than to nurture the ones you already have.

That’s not a secret, and most people know this. But it is a fact that does not get the focus that it deserves. Most service providers, creatives, coaches, and digital marketers have no real plan or strategy to keep their clients without leaving it to automation.

That’s where Gravy comes in. We are the Gravy you need to manage failed payments for your businesses. Recover as much as 80% of your lost customers with our system. Gravy has found the perfect recipe for the mix of humans and technology to ensure your customers feel like a valued member of the family. As a human-first technology company. Gravy is powered by a team of people who are passionate about seeing you win. When you win, we win.

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