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We have saved our clients $610 Million in lost revenue

For a fraction of the cost, you get full time focus in keeping your customers staying and paying.

Amy Porterfield
Imagine having a 24/7 engagement team that contacts customers within hours of a failed payment, updates billing information, and saves clients you worked hard to win. Gravy took my recovery rate from 33% to 79%.

We've saved Amy Porterfield $2.1M so far!

Yes… We help with all of these or just a few of them…
Depending on your needs.

1: Trusting Automation To Win Back Failed Payments

87% of the time, you are losing more money than you think.

Sending automated dunning emails isn’t enough to win them all back.

Hire our Customer Success Agent to stop the bleeding by personally winning each of the customers back.

2: Not Having Personalized Customer Cancelation System

22% of customers who want to cancel will happily stay if you provide quick human interaction to save them.

Do you have a personalized approach to win these customers back?

We do.

Your Customer Success Agent will personally woo the customer back and you keep all the profit.

3: Lazy Shopping Cart Abandonment Follow Up

Yeah, we know… You send that automated cart abandonment email…

Did you know 29% of cart abandonment customers will come back with personalized help.

And… They often will buy more!

How you ask?

Your Virtual Customer Success Agent will follow up… Get them to buy and then… Upsell them even more ;)

Nicole Walters

4: Not Leveraging Upsells, Cross Sells or Downsells

Your paying customers want to pay you more.

You are leaving 24% more revenue on the table by not having a full time focus on upsells, cross sales and downsells.

You have more to offer your customers… They simply don’t know about it or how to access it.

Your Virtual Customer Success Agent will systematically make offers to your best customers while you sit back and enjoy the extra cashflow.

5: Overlooking Member Management

Keeping up with all the customers you sell is a full time job.  

Your Virtual Customer Success Agent will manage all of your member communications and access.

Members want to change billing dates… We got it.

Members quit… We remove them from groups.

Members ask questions… We are on top of it for you.

Members send support tickets… We got it.

Members email you… We clean that inbox out.

Don’t overlook your members… There is a lot of revenue here.

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Jaime Dana
1: How much does this cost?
2: Do they work for Gravy or for me?
3: Let’s say I want to hire a Virtual Customer Success Agent, how much time will this take to get set up?
4: You listed 7 ways you can help me above… What if I just want the Virtual Customer Success Agent to do one thing? Is it all or none?
5: How much of the Virtual Customer Success Agent time do I get?
6: What if I don’t like the agent you place with me?
7: Why should I hire Gravy vs. hire an offshore VA that’s cheaper?
8: Will my customers know this person works for Gravy?
9: How do I know this is worth the money I’m paying?
10: What is the process to get a quote and get started?

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