Gravy manages churn for Subscription, Membership and SaaS businesses.

Unlike automated dunning software, we become an extension of your brand, to protect your brand. With Gravy, your customers will feel customers — not just another number.

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Stop worrying about revenue churn.

Gravy manages the entire revenue churn cycle — allowing you to get back to what you do best. Our tech-enabled team takes the worry out of failed payment recovery.

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Time Consuming
Full Time Salary
Redundant Work
Easily Overextended
Untrained in best practices

Gravy Recover™

Human Approach
Cost Effective
Brand Protection
Increase Lifetime Value
Dedicated Support

Automation/ Dunning

Low Recovery Rates
Hurts Your Brand
Lowers Credibility
Lost Revenue


Gravy Recover™

We've designed Gravy Recover™ for MRR businesses experiencing involuntary revenue churn.

Our revenue recovery programs prioritizes people — allowing us to see an average revenue recovery rate between 30 and 80%.

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Built by a team that gets churn.

Since 2017, Gravy has helped hundreds of clients recover over $100,000,000 back to their businesses.

Our revenue recovery programs grow with you — so you never have to worry about churn again.

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Churnfolio™ by Gravy

The Perfect Revenue Acceleration Program for Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms.

We partner with your portfolio companies to reduce churn, increase Lifetime Value, and increase exit valuations.

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