Save Your Customers From Involuntary Churn on Infusionsoft

Gravy’s people powered payment recovery increases customer retention and puts more recurring revenue into your bottom line.

How Gravy Works with Infusionsoft Subscriptions

Powered by people, Gravy’s human-based approach saves up to 3x more Customers and Revenue than your current Stripe Payment dunning software.

1. Simple Access into Your Infusionsoft by Keap CRM

• We easily access your Infusionsoft by Keap CRM directly 
• Gravy’s Implementation Team deep dives into your Failed Payment data on Infusionsoft

• Our Revenue Management Team works side by side with your Company to customize the Process unique to you

• We use our fast and effective Failed Payment Recovery method to start saving your Subscribers and adding real money to your bottom line

2. White Label Failed Payment Recovery

• Gravy’s Customer Retention Specialists work as an extension of your team

• Your brand, your logo, your cadence, and your voice is represented in every Failed Payment recovery attempt we make

• Your customers need to know it’s you reaching out to them. We make sure your never feel like your company isn’t represented

• 60 days of methodically tested and effective Failed Payment Recovery that nets you results

3. Accurate, Trustworthy Revenue Recovery Reports

• We give you a report that matches your Infusionsoft Payments dashboard

• Unlike automated dunning management, our process is based off your Keap Payments Processing, so your numbers match up

• You get a complete snapshot of failed payments, recovery rate, and revenue saved

• Quarterly Benchmark Reviews to assess your company’s success and review data in full with our Revenue Management team
Our Clients Say Gravy Saves Them Thousands in Failed Payment Recovery
Your customers crave a human experience at every touchpoint. We make sure they get one - and it’s from your brand.
Nicole Walters
Founder & CEO, NapNic LLC
“Thanks to them, my failed payment recovery rate has grown to 68%.”
Amy Porterfield
CEO, Amy Porterfield, Inc.
“Gravy took my recovery rate from 33% to 79%."
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