The Five WorkFlows of Revenue RecoveryTM

This is how we do it

Nah, we aren’t talking about the classic Montell Jordan song. But when you hire Gravy, you’ll be movin’ and groovin’ because you get us doing all of THIS for you. So, yeah, this is how we do (all of) it — so you don’t have to do (any of) it. Now THAT alone is worth a happy dance 💃

Conversion Management

We're going to use custom text and emails to communicate to your customers over a 30-day period. You’ll get the lost revenue and the won-back customers.

Conversion management is not plug-and-play, automated emails. It’s not firing off bot-written texts with payment links.

It IS the heavy-lifting, care-giving work done to win back your customers.

It IS a personally customized and highly optimized communication cadence that WORKS.

Communicating with your customers with care is our bread and butter — and what it takes to get you the most cheddar.

- Our secret sauce isn’t just the copywriting, although it’s world-class.

- Our success isn’t merely the consistent cadence, although it’s optimal.

- Our difference-maker is in doing both — plus adding another layer of something that your automation and personalization can’t do…care.

Automation can’t care. But we can and we do.

Because we understand that behind every payment is a person. In fact, our secret to winning for you is one simple formula for success:

Cadence + Copy + Care = Conversion

We've recovered $4.7 Million for WP Engine in their first 8 months!

Access Management

We do all of the removal and restoration of access to your product or service. You get to rest knowing your customers are getting what they need, while you focus on your business.

HOORAY! A customer paid! … Now what?

OH NO! A payment failed! … Now what?

Sound familiar?

If you are suffering from decision fatigue, you aren’t alone. But no matter what product or and service you offer,  you have to make a decision about:

- What to do

- How to do it

- Who is responsible for doing it

And you have to make a decision and take action FAST.

Enter Access Management. Whether you are restoring access after a payment win or are removing access after a payment fail, it isn’t as simple as pressing a button to turn things on and off.

Often, it’s made up of lots of conversations that involve two pillars: Remove and Restore.

Removal: As far as removal goes, your cadence doesn’t hold water if you don’t restrict access. Sounds like no fun? We get it. But, this is why we love getting to do it for you so you can have peace of mind without getting a piece of their mind.

Restore: When we succeed at winning customers back, we immediately RESTORE their subscriptions and services to keep them happy — and keep them paying!

Yoga International saw 16,267 saved payments in their first year!

Billing Management

Customers have endless billing questions. We have endless billing answers. All 100% answered on your behalf!

Safety is everything these days. And trust is hard to rebuild once lost.

Do you have secure links for your customers to update their credit cards inside your systems so your web and email communications are safe and trustworthy? How about a process for refunds and disputes?

If you are shaking your head or sweating in your boots, have no fear! This is exactly why we are here.

From refund processes to protocols around righting client wrongs, we will have you covered.

Without a doubt, this is the hardest process to manage of all, but this is one of the biggest ways we can win back your customers when done well — and when done right.

Your billing process is as unique as your customers. Each has a unique circumstance that we are ready and equipped to handle with care — because we care.

$301,853 saved in first 6 months for SamCart!

Incentive Management

We are your upsell, cross-sell and down-sell team, all done without bots. Your customers want to talk to people who care, so we give ‘em really caring people to help.

Want to turn a failed payment monologue into a revenue-making dialogue? Of course you do! In fact, we do it every day.

But, it’s not a one-way street. You have to engage in a two-way conversation.

This only works if you have a sales team ready to not ONLY save payments and customers, but creatively and carefully understand when to downsell, when to upsell and when to cross-sell during these sensitive conversations.

In fact, if you remember nothing else, remember this one equation:

Upsells + Downsells + Cross-sells = More Sales

Jungle Scout saved $78,312 and 779 customers in the first 30 days!

Cancellation Management

You have a full plate. We take the headaches and the frustrations off of it. In its place, you get peace of mind without a piece of their mind.

So, they decided to cancel. Can you deal with the emotional toll? How about your team’s feelings? It’s hard to keep the good times rolling when getting emotionally steamrolled daily. Even one can feel like a gut punch.

But, it’s still incredibly important to stay on top of customers who just don't want your product or service anymore.

Setting up a smooth process of handling your cancellations as well as updating your customers on the cancellations is absolutely paramount so the Cancellation Molehill doesn’t turn into Complaint Mountain.

In fact, an added bonus to Cancellation Management is that we do more than simply help a customer have a positive experience on their way out.

We also provide YOU with customer feedback loops so you can understand why people want to leave. In fact, we're going to be providing those customer feedback loops so you can focus on winning the right kind of customers to begin with.

Better Customer Feedback = Ideal Customer Understanding =
Ideal Customer Acquisition + Better Customer Retention

Studio Ninja has an average Recovery Rate of over 70% in their first year!

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