The Truth about Gravycast

What do a pickup truck, college business startup, 3 sold businesses and customer retention have to do with you? Meet Gravycast host and CEO Casey Graham as he lays the foundation of who this podcast is for (hint: it’s you) and why you need to never miss it (hint: this billion-dollar vision will lay the groundwork for you and your business dreams, too).

Welcome to Gravycast, the podcast that will give you an inside look at building a billion-dollar business. Host Casey Graham, CEO of Gravy, describes his entrepreneurial beginnings and what it’s like when you feel that pull to start your own business. Through his career, Casey started, grew and sold three businesses and hit the Inc 5000 List three times in a row.

Casey is on a mission to grow a billion-dollar business, and he’s fascinated by the changes that he has to make as a person to get from a small business owner to that billion-dollar mark. So, he’s taking you behind the scenes of Gravy to learn about their hiring, firing and finances in real-time, honest conversations.

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