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What’s the one thing most entrepreneurs and CEOs don’t have that can move the needle of their business right now? The answer in easy: Get an advisory board. While the idea has been circulating for many years, most leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs or employees don’t have one because they don’t know how to get one or how to run one. Join Gravycast host Casey Graham as he helps you remove any common barriers you may face, dives into why you need one, gives you the plan for how to get one, and shows you how to operate with one once you do.

On today’s episode of Gravycast, host Casey Graham discusses the power and purpose of having an advisory board as an entrepreneur. The advisory board at Gravy helps Casey and the team identify their blind spots, move quicker and improve the business. Entrepreneurs want to create freedom, which can get you into trouble, but putting yourself under the scrutiny of an experienced group of individuals, protects you from yourself. Casey explains how to approach potential board members, build relationships, establish their availability, and schedule board meetings that honor their time.

Advisory board members are the type of people who aren’t going to be afraid to tell you the hard truth, breathe confidence into you and your business, and bring growth ideas. You need an advisory board, because you can only go so far on your own and having a team behind you helps you to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. In addition, you want people who are experienced and bring connections, because you’re going to run into tax, tech and legal issues, and you need good recommendations and referrals to solution providers. Casey explains how an advisory board is a group of men and women who are further down the path than you are and speak into your business a couple times a year.

The advisory board should be no more than four people.

  1. The first is the Yes Man, who sees the opportunity in everything as well as the big picture.
  2. The second is the No Man, who challenges the opportunity and says: until you show me the data, I don’t get it.
  3. The third is the Expert on a current issue you are trying to overcome.
  4. The fourth is the Strategic Planner, who looks at the purpose and intentional plan behind what you are doing.
  5. The fifth optional member is a spiritual advisor that can help you as a person.

Your advisory board should know you personally and care about you as well as your business, in order to provide guidance that applies specifically to you. It’s an opportunity to ask questions and get advice from people who want to help you. If you’re interested in hearing more about advisory boards, let us know!

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