How to Hire the Right People

When you hire less than 3% of people who apply and are up for Atlanta’s Best Places to Work award, you are probably on to something. But the question isn’t, “How do I hire people;” rather, “How do I hire the right people?” Join Gravycast host Casey Graham as he interviews Gravy’s newest hire and learn the one thing everyone else will tell you that matters (but it really doesn’t) and what our gatekeeper does to weed out (or keep in) everyone else in the ultimate guide to hiring the right kind of people for your growing business.

Today’s episode of Gravycast is hosted by Casey Graham, who is interviewing a new hire, Danielle McElveen, a Retention Specialist. Danielle shares the unique aspects of the Gravy hiring process and how she went from filling out a form online to an assessment and then to a video interview that assessed culture fit. After a second interview, Danielle completed a skills test and was impressed with the prompt communication from the hiring team about when they would be in touch with next steps.

Danielle describes the many video and in-person interviews that were a part of the process, but it never felt formal, just a conversation with friends. Through the hiring process, Danielle was able to demonstrate her attention to detail, her personality, her comfort on camera and speaking to others, as well as her desire to be a part of the team. Culture fit is essential in Gravy’s hiring process, and though it’s long, it allowed both Danielle and the Gravy team to assess the match.

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