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Organizational values. While most businesses have them, most business have them — all wrong. In today’s episode, we will help you take them off the wall, dust them off and give you what you need to revisit and rewrite what could be the single most important thing you do for the life of your business and the impact you make as a CEO or leader. One step at a time.

On today’s episode of Gravycast, host Casey Graham is diving into why values are everything in business and how Gravy went about developing its core values. Your team can (and should) be diverse in every way, except for the values that align everyone and create the foundation upon which you build an incredible organization. Value alignment also creates trust, which allows you to move quickly past small issues and toward the big future vision.

Casey describes the three-step process that Gravy used to determine its core values. The first step was to determine the non-negotiables, and truly boiling down the idea to the main thing or the essence of how people interact on your team and with clients. The second step was creating descriptors of the statements by telling a story of how a team member embodied the value in a crazy, awesome way. The final step was to determine what the values were and were not, because everyone sees life through a different lens, so the specifics and examples are key to ensure clarity. Casey lays out Gravy’s values and what they mean and don’t mean.

To drive values through your organization, you have to repeat, repeat, repeat. Gravy has an all team meeting every week, which includes teaching on the values. You have to train to it, hire to it, fire to it, speak to it, and teach leadership lessons to it, because values are everything. Gravy evaluates employees 50% based on job performance and 50% based on how well they have embodied the core values every 90 days. Gravy has also instituted a daily recognition practice called #gravybiscuits on their Slack channel, which calls out people who reinforce the team values. Constant correctional conversations on values alignment are equally as important to have with team members.

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