Having Laser Sharp Focus as a Business Owner

Do you know the reason 80% to 90% of strategic plans fail? Whether your plans are centered around growth or revenue, family succession or something altogether different, the answer lies in this episode. From a CEO to individual contributor in your company, there’s something for everyone as you learn how to align your plans around gaining laser sharp focus on intent as an owner. Learn the why — and the how — in today’s episode with guest Brian Kohr.

Today’s episode of Gravycast is hosted by Casey Graham, who sits down to interview Brian Kohr, a CPA turned CEO that now helps business owners create value and fulfil their professional intentions. Brian introduced Casey and the whole team at Gravy to the concept of ‘owner’s intent’, which means putting a stake in the ground to define the purpose behind your ownership of the business. Before you can tackle the business strategy, owner’s intent must be solidified so you can ensure alignment between the two key aspects of building a business.

Brian lays out the difference between a CEO and an owner, and how important it is for the strategy of the CEO to be aligned with the intention of the owner. Why you started a business is different than your owner’s intent, which is asking what you want to do with the business in five years’ time–do you want to sell it, run it, create value, or pass it on to your kids? The key is to be honest about your intention with the business.

Brian and Casey discuss hiring decisions at Gravy, and how to get the right people on board in alignment with the owner’s intent. This meant hiring more senior leaders to take the business to the next level. Casey also describes the steps he took to clearly write down his owner’s intent, which took over 90 days to solidify. Brian digs into why most strategic plans fail, and how to make them successful through understanding the value proposition and what must be done to maintain it and keep it aligned to your target market.

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