Five Things I Used to Believe About Business (That I Don’t Anymore)

Think growing and scaling a business is all about sales, sales, sales? Even if you are Mark Cuban, you will want to drop the profit margin focus mindset and listen in. In this episode, you’ll learn the 5 things Gravy CEO Casey Graham used to believe about business (but doesn’t anymore) and how this mental shift from sales to retention can be a catalyst for explosive growth in your life and in your business.

Today’s episode of Gravycast is hosted by Casey Graham, who is laying out the five things he used to believe about business that he no longer does. Casey used to buy into sales being the most important aspect of business, but he now knows that customer success is equally important. Building the back end of the customer success journey was done before any large investment in marketing and sales. Casey also learned that creating value in the market is more important than growing short-term profit margins.

In the past, Casey believed that revenue had to come before hiring, but that doesn’t work for massive scaling. Now Casey knows he has to hire ahead of the curve, which is a risk, but the right people will create the revenue and get the company to the next level. If you hire the wrong person, they will leave, and you can take 90-120 days to evaluate their performance, which isn’t a full year’s worth of salary investment.

Casey has also reframed how he looks at an employee’s ROI because some of the most valuable hires take care of the rest of the team, which pays off for years but is hard to quantify. When you look after your people, they will look after your customers. Finally, Casey used to wrap his own worth up into when team members or clients were happy or upset with him. When you create clear culture, people will be magnetically attracted or repelled, and that’s simply a part of the process. You can’t make everyone happy as a CEO.

Key Takeaways in Today’s Episode:

  • False Belief 1: It’s all about sales
  • False Belief 2: Grow profit margin as fast as possible
  • False Belief 3: Build a team behind the growth curve
  • False Belief 4: Only hire positions that can prove ROI
  • False Belief 5: When someone is mad or leaves, I suck

Let Casey know one thing you used to believe about business but don’t anymore:

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