Avoid Chaos in Your Business

How do you move from chaos to extreme clarity in your growing or scaling business or in your personal leadership? In this part one of his two-part series with guest Brett Gilliand, co-founder and CEO of Elite Entrepreneurs, host Casey Graham will dig into your essential leadership guide to help you discover — and then execute on — massive amounts of clarity in your purpose and in your mission. This episode alone will impact the way you make decisions moving forward and even the way you hire people — today.

Learn the importance of having a clearly stated purpose, value system and company mission in this episode of Gravycast. Listen as Casey Graham interviews Brett Gilliand of Elite Entrepreneurs. Gilliand dives into how his company works with other businesses to polish their business strategies and visions, as well as teach customers how to scale their businesses.

In this episode, you’ll get solid definitions of purpose, values, and mission, and how these inform the vision of your company. Company vision is intrinsic to every business decision, from staffing to leadership strategies. Gilliand also talks about specific strategies he teaches companies to clarify their vision by helping them to articulate what they do and why.

This same vision is the foundation on which you build your business; it is the fuel that powers what has potential to be a very chaotic ride. Setting a clear vision allows you to make sense of that chaos by bringing to the forefront, those ideals that are important to the company. Your vision becomes clear when you identify the purpose, values, and mission.

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