What are lost customers costing you every month?

Experience the Gold Rush.

The Rush Is Coming
Dedicated recovery team focused solely on making you more money
Reduced customer churn without added headcount
3x better recovery rate than dunning software
Better customer relationships...more recurring revenue

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Gold Rush (def. revenue sprint)

Noun. A rapid movement of people
to a newly discovered gold field.
The process of the Gravy team onboarding your data and systems, diagnosing your customer retention pain points, assessing the state of your customers' failed payments, and beginning to recover as much failed revenue as possible to put profit back into your pocket.
"Imagine having a 24/7 engagement team that contacts customers within hours of a failed payment, updates billing information and saves clients you worked hard to win. Gravy took my recovery rate from 33% to 79%."
Amy Porterfield
What Gravy Can Do For You

Dedicated client
revenue manager

One point of contact for all your account needs ready to serve your business. Think of them as another member of your team.

Monthly updates
& reporting

Every month you will know how much revenue failed, how much we saved, your monthly recovery rate, outreach efforts, and lifetime fails/saves/recovery rate.

Human to
human contact

Personalization at scale. Dunning software can't care, actively problem solve, or think outside the box to win for you and your customers. Humans increase experience, which increases retention, which increases revenue.


Our team operates as a member of your team. We call this brand assimilation. We reach out on behalf of you to preserve your brand you've worked so hard to build.

US Based revenue
recovery team

We don't use any 3rd party offshore resources. Everyone who contacts your customers are full-time members of our team. From California to Connecticut and everywhere in between.


We integrate with your tech stack to ensure your visibility, data integrity, and monthly updates. Our reporting data matches your payment processor.

FAQ's About Gravy

How much do I have
to learn to use Gravy?

Absolutely nothing! There is no software or system to learn with gravy. Our team integrates seamlessly into your data and do the work for you! Our focus is growing your profits and LTV so you can focus on running your business.

What happens during
the Gold Rush?

The Gravy team onboards your data and systems, diagnoses your customer retention pain points, assesses the state of your customers' failed payments, and begins recovering as much failed revenue as possible to put profit back into your pocket.

How does Gravy
pricing work?

Our pricing is 100% custom and is based on the average number of customers and failed revenue volume you have each month. We offer flat-rate, predictable pricing so there are no surprises. We also have additional products we could add to your service based upon the needs of your business.

How does Gravy recover my
failed payments and revenue?

We develop and refine the best communication tactics, engagement strategies and conversion technologies to create our one-of-a-kind failed payment recovery solution - led by a human and accelerated by technology.
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